Ravensburger Files Motion to Dismiss

In the latest update on the lawsuit from Upper Deck, Ravensburger has filed to dismiss.

Ravensburger has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Upper Deck, with credits to @EpicSwitzer for sharing the motion.

The motion requests the court to dismiss the lawsuit, stating that the Upper Deck complaint was a “strained and clumsy effort to slow down a competitor” and that it should be dismissed outright because “Upper Deck cannot establish personal jurisdiction over two non-resident defendants”.

The filing is 34 pages long, which in it states that “Upper Deck’s laundry-list of claims fails as a matter of law, even under the most basic level of scrutiny.”, while also stating that “Even a cursory review of the two games would show that Ravensburger’s game—which is based on Disney characters, and was in the works long before Mr. Miller joined the company—is nothing like Upper Deck’s card game.”

In a statement to ComicBook.com, Lisa Krueger, Sr. Communications Director for Ravensburger North America said “We’re glad to be moving forward with the legal process and feel very confident in our position. In the meantime, our team is keeping its focus on the upcoming launch. We’re excited to see everyone at Gen Con and can’t wait to see fans begin to purchase this game in our booth.”

In addition, Brian Lewis, Legal Advisor for Ravensburger, stated to ComicBook.com that “Ravensburger has an extremely strong case here, and we hope it will be dismissed outright based on today’s motion. While we respect the valid intellectual property rights of others, this appears to be more of a PR stunt than a genuine legal dispute. I also want to add that I’ve had the great fortune to know Ryan Miller personally for over 20 years and consider him to be a person of the highest ethical standards.”

For more details on the filing, please read the filing linked here.

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