Quick Start Rules Update

The Quick Start Rules has received an update for set 3, now with information on Locations!

The Quick Start Rules has received an updated and can now be found on the official website’s Resources page! The previous version was a foldable document, but the updated quick start rules document looks to be a booklet, which we expect to be similarly included in the Into the Inklands Starter Decks.

As before, this guide provides basic information that is required to play a game of Disney Lorcana, such as setting up a game, reading cards, how to play a card and how to build a deck.

1 brand new addition to the card type pages, is of course Locations! Locations are confirmed to be glimmers, alongside Characters and Item glimmers.

We also get a convenient page in the updated Quick Start Rules, describing how Location cards are read, and how they work. If you would like more details and some card interactions regarding how Location cards work, you can check out our guide linked here.

Interestingly, characters who were in a location when the location was banished, are described as “find themselves abroad again”.

Aside from these updates, most of the information included in the quick start rules are the same as before, providing new players with a simple guide on how to get started with a game of Disney Lorcana. Check out the links below to check out the full Quick Star Rules book!

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