Organized Play Kit – Pictures of Promo cards & Pins

Are you taking part in a store event once The First Chapter is out? We just got pictures for the Organized Play Kit gifts & prizes!

We got pictures of The First Chapter – Organized Play Kit!

Geek Retreat Stevenage for the outer box
mus from Discord for the contents of the OP kit
The folks at Geek Retreat Stevenage holding what appears to be 2 boxes of The First Chapter – Organized Play Kit

Promo cards included inside the OP kit are as follows:

Pins included inside the OP kit are as follows:

Lore tracker x 6


  1. How can I get one of these Lorcana Little Mermaid Pins ? Because it is my favorite Disney character

    5:19 my local game store in Lancaster PA has reserve them for their league which sold out in 48 hours and nobody wants to give up the pins Wondered if you had any suggestions
    Ebay has them for way expensive prices and I can’t find a buy a kit anywhere

    Hope you can help.
    Thanks for
    You time

    • I’m sorry but I don’t have any other real good suggestion, other then try to find a different LGS. I know that some of the LGS are rationing it out, since the OP kit is meant to be used for over 3 months.

      Many people want those pins though, so that’s why eBay has it that high

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