More Rise of the Floodborn art and names

Digging through the digital assets, we get a lot more information such as full card names for characters featured in the accessories and more character artwork!

Disney Lorcana released digital asset files for Rise of the Floodborn which provides us tons of goodies!

First up, we have names of the characters featured on the accessories, based on their packaging info!

Sisu – Divine Water Dragon, illustrated by Grace Tran

Mulan – Soldier in Training, illustrated by Michael “Cookie” Niewiadomy

Beast – Forbidding Recluse, illustrated by Alice Pisoni

We also got article headers which show us some card art for cards we have not gotten yet!

Shere Khan from The Jungle Book

A new version of Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland (Same artwork as on the Rise of the Floodborn booster packaging)

All the new detailed accessory images and article headers are up on the Mushu Report wiki Rise of the Flooborn gallery for easy access!

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