Miracle Candle

Encanto is here to give us a miracle, with Amber getting another item card that allows them to gain lore!

This reveal comes from Rebekah at The Illuminary!

Miracle Candle
2 Cost | Amber | Item
 Banish this item – If you have 3 or more characters in play, gain 2 lore and remove up to 2 damage from chosen location.


Miracle Candle may need to be banished, but it allows you to gain 2 lore right away, making this possibly a way to seal games really quickly! Only catch is you need 3 or more characters, but Amber ink is already well equipped to play many characters such as through Perdita – Devoted Mother that lets you play characters from your discard, and of course Stitch – Rock Star, one of the best way to flood the board with lots of characters. Definitely a card to consider for your next Amber deck!

Also shared by Rebekah is the full Mirabel Madrigal – Prophecy Finder card which we first got to see part of from the official Resources page.

Also, make sure you check out the card reveal linked here. Rebekah belts out an awesome musical line with the reveal that should not be missed!

For a full list of all currently known Ursula’s Return cards, check out the card list and table linked below!
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