Maui’s Place of Exile & Dalmatian Puppies

We finally got a 2nd Location card with Maui’s Place of Exile!! Oh, and a whole bunch of Dalmatian puppies!

These cards come from the latest Team Lorcana stage event on the official Discord!

Maui’s Place of Exile – Hidden Island
2 Cost | Steel | Location
1 Move Cost
 Characters gain Resist +1 while here. (Damage dealt to them is reduced by 1.)
Nothing but boulders and sand – easy to miss.


Dalmatian Puppy – Tail Wagger
2 Cost | Amber | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 3 | Lore 1
Storyborn · Puppy
WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM?: You may have up to 99 copies of Dalmatian Puppy – Tail Wagger in your deck.
First they steal your heart. Then they steal your chair.


We got a total of 5 different artwork for the Dalmatian puppies!! Click on each 1 to expand it!

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