Lorecast Returns on June 12th!

Lorecast is coming back next week, hopefully with news on set 5!

Disney Lorcana just announced their next Lorecast, which will be held live on stream this coming June 12 at 10am Pacific time on the Disney Lorcana official Twitch channel!

In the announcement, Lorcana also asked if everyone was “ready for something to celebrate”, which could be a hint on set 5. Perhaps the realm of Lorcana is celebrating after everyone managed to defeat Ursula in the Illumineer’s Quest?

Tons of information came in on the very first Lorecast held in March, including the first bit of news for Ursula’s Return and lots more details on the Disney Lorcana Challenge events, so we can definitely expect lots of news next week for sure. Make sure to tune in to Twitch then!

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