Lorcana Products Spotted at Various Walmart Outlets

Looks like somebody at Walmart made a mistake with the release date. Lorcana products have been spotted in certain Walmart outlets!

We have confirmation of Lorcana products showing up at various Walmart outlets, thanks to dit_le_renard on Reddit and YouTuber BSquared24!

Lorcana The First Chapter Boosters and Starter Decks were seen at a South Carolina Walmart outlet, selling at $7 per booster pack and $20 per starter deck.

BSquared24 also spotted a different outlet in Ruston, Louisiana with The First Chapter Gift Sets going for $34.98.

He managed to purchase a Gift Set, with the Walmart receipt shown, listing the product as “RB Gift Set”

Based on the comments from Reddit, it should be noted that this does not seem to be happening in every single Walmart outlet and looks to be more of a mistake made by staff of those specific outlets. Some Redditors have checked Walmart outlets at Oklahoma and Ohio and did not find any Lorcana products in those outlets.

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