Disney Lorcana Official Store Locator & Mass Retailer list

The official Disney Lorcana Store Locator is out! Time to find a LGS near you!!

Also announced is the official list of mass retailer chains that carry Lorcana!

Disney Lorcana has finally launched the much awaited official Store Locator on their official website!

The store locator can be accessed via the top menu bar on the official site.

Following that, just key in any address to locate any LGS that carry Lorcana near that location!

The site reminds that the store locator lists the retailers who support Disney Lorcana but everyone should reach out directly to the retailer for more information regarding product availability.

In addition, the site also lists the following mass retail chains that carry Disney Lorcana.

US & Canada:

ShopDisney.com, Target, WalMart, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Amazon.com, Game Stop, Toys R Us, FYE, Hot Topic, Fred Meyer, Mastermind, Indigo, and Books-A-Million


Tesco, Smyths Toys, Game, Argos, Hamleys, Fenwicks, Waterstones, Sainsbury’s, Asda

With the official store locator being launched, we are announcing the closure of the Mushu Report store locator as the official store locator would be able to serve everyone better and we wish to support the official services as best as we can.

Our store locator will stay up for a few more weeks for anyone who might be still using it and we expect to close it around end September. We hope that this service has helped out everyone who has used it!

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