Lorcana in Spiel Essen 2023

Disney Lorcana is returning soon to Spiel Essen, the place where we first heard about Ink!

Tintenvorrat – Disney Lorcana Podcast is managed by LorcanaGermany and Whippet_Plays, who have also recently received an invitation to a Lorcana pre-launch event held in Germany. Through Tintenvorrat – Disney Lorcana Podcast, Ravensburger has confirmed their return to Spiel Essen, a tabletop gaming fair held in Germany!

Spiel Essen was also the event where Ravensburger first announced the 6 Ink colors in 2022, so this is an event to definitely keep an eye on.

Spiel Essen has been added to the MushuReport event calendar where all upcoming confirmed Lorcana events are listed. We will have more updates from the event once they are out so stay tuned to MushuReport.com!

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