Lorcana gameplay info online & demos at Gala TCG

It looks like the French community is going to be the earliest to try out the game! Gameplay information will also be made available online!

Cwowd is a French website that covers tabletop gaming information which includes a discussion forum.

In the forum, Ravensburger has shared a reply that loosely translates to there being gameplay demonstrations (though the game will not be playable) available at the Gala TCG Convention, along with pins made available to booth visitors.

At the same time, they have mentioned that gameplay information will be made available online and it will not be necessary to visit the Gala TCG booth to get information about gameplay.

The Gala TCG convention is a public event held in France at the Espace Champerret on April 22 and 23. To find out more about the event or keep track on when it’s held, check out the Gala TCG event page here on Mushu Report.

In addition, based on the post, it states that Lorcana will also be participating in Paris est Ludique (PEL) held on July 1 & 2 and Festival Ludique International Parthenay (FLIP) held on July 12 ~ 23, both held in France.

Source from Cwowd forums

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