[Convention] Lorcana at MCM Comic Con London 2023

Gameplay demos, an autograph session with Matthew Robert Davies and a SCAVENGER HUNT?

MCM Comic Con is going to be interesting!

Lorcana is going to be represented by Tournament Center at MCM Comic Con London 2023 and we got this info thanks to Lorcana Player!

Tournament Center will be hosting a booth for Disney Lorcana at MCM Comic Con London 2023 held in UK! The booth will be located at booth S1602.

Based on the info, Rise of the Floodborn products will be on display, allowing event attendees in UK to get a look at the products and hope that Tournament Center forgets to cover up the side of the starter decks to give us a list of contents.

Game demos will also be held by their game masters while there will be a free signing session by artist Matthew Robert Davies, who we know has worked on 5 cards in Rise of the Floodborn so far. Check out here for a list of all the cards he has illustrated!

There are 2 extremely interesting parts to the announcement, which mentions a “huge scavenger hunt” organised by MCM Comic Con, and the hunting down of “rare promo cards like Gaston”!

Currently we know the promotional cards for number 1 to 23, with Donald Duck – Musketeer just confirmed to be given out at Spiel Essen 2023. Gameplay would be an issue if a very limited pool of people have access to an unreleased card, so we expect Gaston – Arrogant Hunter to be given out at the event, taking up slot 24.

In addition, an announcement was placed in the tabletop gaming section with activities held by Dice & Destiny, a LGS based in the UK and it mentions a Lorcana casual event where the first 24 participants would get to purchase a booster pack.

More details for the MCM Comic Con will be put up here once we can find any so stay tuned to Mushu Report on social media to stay updated!


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