Ling, Chien-Po and More Cards from Mulan!

It’s no Mushu, but I love that we are getting these cards! Double Wall for Location protection!

CBR is giving us our latest set of reveals, with new cards from the Mulan Franchise!

The Wall – Border Fortress
4 Cost | Steel | Location
Move Cost 2 | Willpower 8 | Lore 0
PROTECT THE REALM: While you have an exerted character here, your other locations can’t be challenged.


Want to setup a wall of protection for all your locations, have 2 copies of The Wall in play! Better yet, have John Silver – Greedy Treasure Seeker be in each copy of The Wall, He gains Resist +1 for each location you have and extra lore!

Or you could have a Bodyguard like Chien-Po protect your exerted characters in The Wall, and that also covers them as well.

Ling – Imperial Soldier
3 Cost | Steel | Character
Strength 3 | Willpower 3 | Lore 1
Storyborn · Ally
FULL OF SPIRIT: Your Hero characters get +1 strength.
A good friend is handy in a fight.


Chien-Po – Imperial Soldier
5 Cost | Steel | Character
Strength 4 | Willpower 7 | Lore 1
Storyborn · Ally
Bodyguard (This character may enter play exerted. An opposing character who challenges one of your characters must choose one with Bodyguard if able.)


Chi-Fu – Imperial Advisor
3 Cost | Steel | Character
Strength 0 | Willpower 5 | Lore 1
Storyborn · Ally
OVERLY CAUTIOUS: While this character has no damage, he gets +2 lore.
You, there! Keep that fighting away from here! It is imperative that I write to the Emperor.


Imperial Proclamation
1 Cost | Ruby | Item
 Whenever one of your characters challenges another character, you pay 1 ink less for the next character you play this turn.
By order of the Emperor, one man from every family must serve in the Imperial Army.
– Chi Fu

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