Lille Challenge 2024 Photos

We got a whole bunch of photos from the Lille Challenge, including a close look at the serialised Mickey prize card!

These photos are collated from multiple players & mostly from Lorcana France, thanks to all the folks attending the event!

Make sure you also check the photos for the Atlanta Challenge, including info on the prize wall!

We get a clean look at the brand new artwork for Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor, which is also the top prize card for Challenges!

And of course we get a nice look at the full set of prizes for the Challenge event!

And a close up of the extra shiny serialised Mickey Mouse prize card. It appears that there is a ” / 500″ shown on the card, which could mean that a total of 500 copies were produced.

Here is also a look at the Dragon Fire prize card given out to all participants!

And finally a look at the event space for the Lille Challenge. Hope everyone has a good time at the event, make sure to check out the stream up on Twitch!

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