Jafar – Striking Illusionist & Ursula – Deceiver of All

Jafar is getting a second Floodborn and he even rewards you for card draws with lore!! Ursula also allows you to replay your Song cards, making these 2 the best Villains for Into the Inklands!

These cards are revealed by IGN!

Jafar – Striking Illusionist
7 Cost | Amethyst | Character
Strength 4 | Willpower 5 | Lore 1
Floodborn · Villain · Sorcerer
Shift 5 (You may pay 2 ink to play this on top of one of your characters named Jafar.)
Evasive (Only characters with Evasive can challenge this character.)
POWER BEYOND MEASURE: During your turn, while this character is exerted, whenever you draw a card, gain 1 lore.

Note: We have confirmation from Steve Warner, that you will gain the same amount of cards that you draw. For example, in the case of A Whole New World, Jafar will allow you to gain 7 lore!

Ursula – Deceiver of All
3 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 3 | Lore 1
Dreamborn · Villain · Sorcerer
WHAT A DEAL: Whenever this character sings a song, you may play that song again from your discard for free, then put it on the bottom of your deck.
“I don’t want much – just the most powerful lore!”

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