Into the Inklands – Venturo Story Update

We just got an updated story video for Venturo and it even includes the reveal of a brand new character who will be joining his band of Glimmers!

Disney Lorcana just shared this latest video up on the Disney Lorcana Discord and social media which showcases Venturo on an adventure Into the Inklands!

In the video, Venturo is seen searching for the lost lore with the help of his Aurelian Gyrosensor along with what looks to be new versions of Prince Eric, Tinker Bell, and a brand new character entering Disney Lorcana, Audrey Ramirez!

Audrey Ramirez is a character from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, where she was the chief mechanic on the ship. With this reveal, it’s confirmed that Atlantis: The Lost Empire will be the next franchise that will be making an entry in Into the Inklands!

Team Lorcana has also shared that the video will be going up soon on social media, with card reveals, so stay tuned!!

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