Into the Inklands Booster Errors

Have a problem with your booster pack? You might not be the only one.

Into the Inklands was released last Friday and multiple reports are showing up of players with problems for their Into the Inklands products.

Booster packs included in various batches of Into the Inklands products ranging from the starter decks and trove, to booster boxes have had multiple issues including:

  • No dice / lore counter (In the Illumineer’s Trove)
  • No rare or higher rarity cards in the booster pack

Players among the community are compiling batch codes for the various products where there have been reported issues. However, there are also players who have noted no issues with those products that have those batch codes so having a product with the relevant batch code does not guarantee an issue with your product.

Richelle (Global Community Manager) has announced in the official Disney Lorcana Discord server the following:

To contact Ravensburger regarding a product issue, you should use the contact form linked here. Do note the Disney Lorcana Replacement Policy, which would help provide you with information you may need to know for submitting your issue.

We also recommend you film your product opening to keep a record of everything you open and hang on to the product packaging after you have opened your product should you have any issues.

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