Informal Rulings Q&A

Have a ruling question? Here’s your chance to get them answered!

Team Lorcana just announced earlier today on the Lorcana HQ Discord that there will be an informal rulings Q&A session done by Disney Lorcana co-designer Steve Warner!!

To ask a question, use #LorcanaRules and tag @DisneyLorcana on Twitter at 3PM PT to get your questions answered.

Steve Warner has been very active lately, helping out with rulings questions both on Twitter and in Facebook groups especially as everyone begins participating in League events in store!

Multiple Rise of the Floodborn cards have been revealed recently and if you have any question about how they work, this is a good place to start!

Note: All ruling related answers we received so far have been updated into the Mushu Report Wiki under Category: Card Rulings, which also provide the direct links to the source for the rulings.

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