Hobby Store Program – Set 2 & 3 Updates

Some stores are unable to get into the Hobby Store Program for Rise of the Floodborn it seems but set 3 applications are open!

The Lorcana Retailer site on Melee has been updated, stating the application deadline for the Hobby Store Program membership will begin on December 15th.

In addition, the site also states that while many applicants currently meet the minimum requirements to be part of the Hobby Store Program, they have limited supplies at the moment and as such will not be accepted into the Hobby Store Program in time for set 2, Rise of the Floodborn.

Kingdom Games from Lake County, California also shared this email that he just received today where it states that they are currently limiting the number of Organized Play retailers until they are able to increase their production levels.

Thankfully, the email also states that Kingdom Games need not reapply and Ravensburger will reach out to them once they can be added to the Hobby Store Program.

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