Hades – King of Olympus: Gift Set clear image & “Lore” gameplay term confirmed

Card number, flavor text and more details are in for Hades – King of Olympus?

That’s not all! We now have an official confirmation that the “pips” on the card will be named Lore!!

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We now have a clearer image of the back of the gift set for Hades – King of Olympus, courtesy of NL from Lorcania.com and LorcanaPodcast!

In the image, we are now able to confirm that some points of Hades which were previously not clear from the front of the gift box.

The new information includes:
– Confirmation that Hades’s card number is 5/204·EN·1
– The illustrator for Hades is confirmed to be Alex Accorsi!
– Hades flavor text reads “Oh hey, I’m gonna need new business cards.
– The rarity of Hades shows a bronze triangle, which is likely the indicator for Rare.
– A clearer look at the Hades – King of Olympus Tracker token
– A look at the description below Hades which reads:

What if Hades ruled the gods? This reimagined villain of the underworld puts the power of the celestial throne in your hands! Controlling and ambitious, he uses his subjects to get what he wants. Surround him with other villains and watch him gain a lot of lore, fast. 

Looking at the description of Hades which states Hades “gain a lot of lore” and combining that with his Sinister Plot ability, it is evident that the official term for  Lore is Lore!

SINISTER PLOT:  This character gets +1 Lore for each other Villain character you have in play.


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