Gen Con Lorcana Event – Ticket Limit

Did you miss out on getting a ticket for the Gen Con 2023 events? You might be getting a chance soon!

Email have just been sent out to everyone who bought tickets for Lorcana events from Gen Con 2023, which state a limit to the number of Lorcana events that everyone can participate in. This email from Gen Con shared by Richard (he/him)#1440 from the LorcanaHQ Discord states that each Gen Con participant will only be able to attend in 1 session of Learn to Play and Starter Deck Challenge events, with a possibility to be denied entry if you should attempt to participate multiple times, and tickets only refundable up to 30 minutes before the starting time. 

Gen Con will begin refunding tickets on June 5th, with affected accounts only left with a single ticket for a time chosen at Gen Con’s discretion.

Participants with additional tickets have 2 options that they may wish to consider if they want to ensure they retain a ticket with the timing of their choice.

  • Participants can refund the tickets to Gen Con, either for system credit via the My Transactions page on the Gen Con website, or by emailing to if they prefer a refund to their original method of payment.
  • Transfer a ticket to a friend or family member via the Gen Con website, as confirmed by @PavelKolev7 with Gen Con

If you have a spare ticket, do consider transferring the ticket to a fellow community member on the LorcanaHQ Discord who may still be trying to get a ticket.

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