Gen Con Activities & Product Sales

Headed to Gen Con? Get ready your credit cards cause you will definitely need them! has released an article which states everything that will be sold at Gen Con, what everyone can purchase along with an artist signing!

Disney Lorcana product sales

Disney Lorcana products will be available for sale at the Ravensburger Booth 2001 only, at these following prices.

  • Booster Display (24 packs): $143.76
  • Individual Booster Pack: $5.99
  • Starter Deck: $16.99
  • Deck Box: $5.99
  • Card Sleeve Pack: $9.99
  • Neoprene Play Mat: $19.99
  • 10 Page Portfolio: $19.99

Each transaction is limited to this amount of purchases.

  • (1) Booster Display (24 packs)
  • (1) of each Starter Deck (Amber/Amethyst, Ruby/Emerald, Sapphire/Steel)
  • (1) Individual Booster Pack
  • (1) Card Sleeve Pack
  • (1) Deck Box
  • (1) Neoprene Play Mat
  • (1) 10 Page Portfolio
  • For accessories, each customer may only purchase 1 of each type of accessory, and not 1 of each design.
    For example, only 1 deck box is allowed per transaction, regardless of the design chosen.

Mushu Report would like to remind everyone that Disney Lorcana has previously confirmed that the Gen Con booth will be cashless only. Please prepare your credit cards if you should be interested to purchase any products at the booth.

Artist signing

In addition, an official autography session for illustrator Nicholas Kole will be held at the Ravensubrger booth at the following dates and time slots. Check out the 10 cards he has illustrated in The First Chapter at the link here.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (August 2nd ~ 4th)

  • 4.00 – 4:30pm
  • 5.00 – 5:30pm

The article goes on to share more details regarding Villainous events, non-Lorcana products and other activities that will be held at Gen Con. Check out the article for more details here.

If you would like more tips for how to prepare for a convention such as Gen Con, here’s a video I made previously that you can check out.

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