[Gameplay Rulings] Information for Shift

We just got the missing bit of information for how Shift works!

Previously we got details on how Lorcana gameplay is like through the Quick Start Guide, however, we were still missing out information on how Shift works.

Earlier today, we just got information from Ravensburger staff from the French Discord, stating “Alter/shift conserve tout du perso précédent = dommages, épuisé ou non, états etc”, which translates to Shift characters will maintain everything from the previous character, include the damage on the character, whether they are exerted and any other states that they are in.

They also confirmed that if the original character was summoned in the previous turn and not in a state where ‘the ink hasn’t dried’, the character that is played on top using the Shift ability maintains that state and will be able to Exert in the same turn.

Source from France Discord, credits to Lorcana France TCG for sharing the information

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