Friend Like Me

Do you need some additional ramp? Then you need a friend like Genie to give you a hand!

This latest card reveal comes from the LorcanaDACH, with thanks to Whippet especially!

Friend Like Me
5 Cost | Sapphire | Action · Song
(A character with cost 5 or more can exert to sing this song for free.)
Each player puts the top 3 cards of their deck into their inkwell facedown and exerted.
You got some power in your corner now


Friend Like Me is the latest Sapphire reveal for Into the Inklands which helps you to increase the amount of ink in your inkwell quickly (Also known in TCG gameplay terms as Ramp!).

Sapphire decks currently possess a variety of ways they can ramp up quickly, with the most popular being Mickey Mouse – Detective, Belle – Strange but Special and Fishbone Quill, all cards from The First Chapter.

Combined with Steel, Sapphire Ink regularly makes the top cut in many events by using the above cards to gain ink quickly to play powerful high-cost characters such as Cogsworth – Grandfather Clock and Beast – Tragic Hero. Both of these 5 cost characters are perfect for singing A Whole New World, thereby replenishing your hand after you had expanded your initial hand to pull ahead of the curve.

Friend Like Me is similarly a 5 cost Song that you can sing with those characters which allows you to get more ink into your Inkwell as soon as you can. After you have pulled off your initial strategy with A Whole New World, it would be perfect play Friend Like Me in the following turn to add another THREE cards in the Inkwell.

With 8 cards in the Inkwell, all you need now is Belle – Strange but Special for her “READ A BOOK” ability and your once per turn Ink to reach 10 cards in your Inkwell!

Why Belle specifically you may ask?

Well when you reach 10 cards in your Inkwell, Belle’s “MY FAVORITE PART” ability conditions are met to give her 4 additional lore, allowing her to quest for 5 lore every turn!

Through this combination, Sapphire and Steel decks gain a new way to quickly take control and win the game.

However, there is a word of caution to this tale.

Friend Like Me doesn’t only give you 3 cards in the inkwell, it does that for your opponent too! That means that your opponent will similarly gain 3 cards in the inkwell, which could be problematic against the wrong opponent, so play this friend with caution!

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