French product images for Into the Inklands bring two new card previews

We have the initial Into the Inland products images!

Thanks to Lorcana France TCG we have new and bigger images of the products for Into the Inklands:

  • Booster Box display
  • Illumineer’s Trove
  • Starter Decks
  • 2 Deck Boxes designs


  • Most importantly, returning from Set 1, Gift Set with 2 new cards both in foil and giant version:

Cards in question are Emerald Stitch and Sapphire Tinker Bell, card descriptions will come when better resolution images are available.



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  1. The Stitch was leaked some Werkstatt ago, along with over 30 other cards:

    Stitch – Undercover

    Dreamborn – Hero – Alien

    Hiding – While this character is in a location, it gains Ward.

    Tinkerbell is something like:

    Whenever one of your items is bannished, you may put it in your inkwell facedown and exerted.

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