Flotsam – Riffraff & Jetsam – Riffraff

The Ursula’s sidekick duo is making a comeback with their support strategy in Into the Inklands!

Disney Lorcana has just released these latest 2 cards on the official Discord!

Flotsam – Riffraff
3 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength 5 | Willpower 2 | Lore 1
Dreamborn · Ally
EERIE PAIR: Your characters named Jetsam get +3 strength.
Ursula needs lore to complete her plan….


Jetsam – Riffraff
3 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 2 | Lore 2
Dreamborn · Ally
Ward (Opponent’s can’t choose this character except to challenge.)
EERIE PAIR: Your characters named Flotsam gain Ward.
There must be powerful lore here, very powerful.


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