Flotsam & Jetsam: Coming to an Event Near You!

Ravensburger is giving everyone something to celebrate soon enough!

In an announcement on the official Disney Lorcana Discord, the next event promo card has just been announced!

The card is of course Flotsam & Jetsam – Entangling Eels, the Floodborn which can be shifted from both Flotsam or Jetsam that was just revealed earlier today!

No further details were shared but we expect this card to be given out in various conventions to attendees, similar to Scrooge McDuck – Uncle Moneybags. Typically you would need to take part in the demo or purchase a certain amount of product at the convention booth to obtain the promo card, such as in the Lucca Comics & Games event last year.

Promo cards come in foil and have the promo logo at the bottom of the card which replaces the rarity symbol. Aside from that, there is nothing mechanically unique, and you will be able to obtain the similar card in Ursula’s Return!

For upcoming conventions where you may possibly obtain these promo cards, stay tuned to the events calendar which can be seen on the Mushu Report homepage!

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