First Look at Illumineer’s Trove Contents

We just got a look at the actual contents of the Illumineer’s Trove with Arkham Chronicle here to show us the good stuff!

Arkham Chronicle has just put up a video featuring his opening up of a copy of The First Chapter – Illumineer’s Trove! Check out the video below!

Here are some screengrabs from the video to feature the contents of the Trove. Do watch the video for the full info.

A look at the bottom of the Trove confirms that the Trove was made in the USA.

The included deck box after it was assembled

The included damage counters

The storage box which also includes 2 dividers

We finally have the Player’s Guide!

A deck building guide is included to introduce the concept of building a deck to newer players

The top 12 cards (2 from each Ink) picked by the Lorcana team. The list includes.

The guide also lists out various card combos that can be used in The First Chapter

And finally, a way to track your collection (or just a pretty way to see all 204 cards!)

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