Finders Keepers

Genie ain’t the only one who can grant wishes too you know. Here’s Iago providing some card draw wishes of his own!

This card is shared from today’s Disney Lorcana stream of the Bochum challenge, with help getting the pic thanks to Cameron!

Finders Keepers
Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies card

Finders Keepers
5 Cost | Amethyst | Action
Draw 3 cards.
“Three wishes, comin’ right up!”
– Iago


Amethyst is getting another draw card in the form of Iago! Gameplay wise, this card does bear some similarity to Genie – Supportive Friend, another Amethyst card that draws you 3 cards. However, one is a 4 cost character (that can quest only on turn 5 to let you draw 3 cards), while this is an action card that you can directly play with 5 ink. Will you be trying this out?

For a full list of all currently known Shimmering Skies cards, check out the card list and table linked below!
Shimmering Skies card list
Disney Lorcana card table

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