Final Into the Inklands Enchanted Reveal

We got the final 6 enchanted Into the Inklands Enchanted cards, and they ain’t characters!

This set of enchanted card reveals come from GamesRadar!

In addition to these reveals, Steve Warner, Lorcana co-designer, mentions “Disney movies are packed with iconic items, locations, and songs that people love and remember years later. Our goal with Enchanted cards is to capture and remind people of that special and emotional connection they have with their favorite Disney moments.” 

Art lead Matt Eng adds that, enchanted cards are “meant to stand out from all other cards in the set and be a celebration of the cards [they are] based on. They typically amp up the scenes shown in the original card art through more dynamic action and color… We want the Enchanted cards to have an art style that jumps out when players open a booster pack and is obviously different from the other cards while staying true to the overall look of Disney Lorcana.”

He further adds that the team “thought it would be appropriate for the Enchanted cards to have a more traditionally painted look, similar to the style of classic explorers’ portraits. Instead of linework, you’ll see more painterly marks.

“Each set’s Enchanted card art style will continue to evolve to be a reflection of the theme and narrative of that set. We believe by doing so, we add more strength to the storytelling as well as artistic variety available to players’ and collectors’ individual tastes in art.”

Pride Lands – Pride Rock

Kuzco’s Palace – Home of the Emperor

RLS Legacy – Solar Galleon

Belle’s House – Maurice’s Workshop

The Sorcerer’s Hat

And Then Along Came Zeus

For a full list of all Into the Inklands cards, check out the card list and table linked below!
Into the Inklands card list
Into the Inklands card table

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