Everything we currently know for Disney’s Lorcana TCG

Let’s end this year with a look at everything we currently know about the upcoming Disney Lorcana TCG! Merry Christmas everyone!

Currently as of Christmas 2022, we have 7 cards which have been released physically and a spoiler of 1 card. These cards are:



Gameplay details are currently on the lighter side, but there are many things that can be inferred from the cards, which do seem to suggest gameplay has many similarities to Magic: The Gathering.

For example, Elsa – Snow Queen Freeze effect indicates that you would need to Exert (or Tap) the card to use her ability.

Also, Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist basically confirms that all cards have a Power and Toughness stat (Though the names are not confirmed).

There are also multiple keywords and factors that you can also infer from the card. For example, the top left of the card most probably indicates the cost needed to play a card, challenging a character refers to the act of attacking, and so on.

Each character also has multiple Character Types which are an indicator of their origin, alignment and race / class, which would likely affect how you build your deck.

Players who are referred to as Illumineers in the lore, where players would summon the characters by drawing them with magical Ink from their Illumineer station and send them on quests to gain lore.

Amber Amethyst Emerald Ruby Sapphire Steel

There are also 6 types of Ink (aka Mana colors) in Lorcana, which as of now, all the cards will belong to 1 of these six types. Presumably each Ink type will have different characteristics for the cards in their group.

It has been confirmed with the help of Nive that you will get to play up to a maximum of two different Ink types in your deck. Including the mono Ink decks, that makes a total of 21 different combinations of Ink types that you can choose from.

  • 6 different “pure” decks with only 1 Ink color (E.g. Pure Amethyst deck)
  • 15 different combinations of decks with 2 different Inks (E.g. Mixed deck of Amber & Sapphire)

Last but not least, the latest spoiler of Dragon Fire has revealed another type of cards, Action cards!

Action cards look to be similar to Spell cards, where you just pay the Ink cost to play the card, and you gain the effect stated on the card. Their art and name also seem related to the character cards, as Dragon Fire is the ability name stated on Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon. Hopefully this means that we also get to see other similar Action cards, such as Elsa’s Freeze and Stitch’s Adoring fans!

This about sums up everything we currently know regarding Lorcana for now!

If you would like to check out the details for everything that has been released so far, a good place to start is the Mushu Report Wiki where we have information on the game designers, links to interviews and lots more all properly documented.

The Ravensburger Lorcana team are extremely active on social media engaging with the community, which is really exciting to see. The first Disney Lorcana product, The First Chapter releases in the distant Fall 2023 (Between October to December 2023). However, gameplay details have been promised for Spring 2023 (Between April to June 2023) and we look forward to going through all the information released with a fine comb, so make sure to follow Mushu Report to stay tuned!

In the meantime, Mushu Report would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We have a big year ahead so stay safe this winter and see you in 2023!

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