Enchanted Reveal: We Don’t Talk About Bruno, Goofy – Super Goof

We just got 2 more enchanted card, 1 for a card that we should not talk about, and a Super Goof!

This first reveal comes from GamesRadar

We Don’t Talk About Bruno
5 Cost | Emerald | Action · Song
(A character with cost 5 or more can exert to sing this song for free.)
Return chosen character to their player’s hand, then that player discards a card at random.
Your fate is sealed when your prophecy is read!


Next enchanted reveal is Super Goof shared by IGN!

Goofy – Super Goof
4 Cost | Ruby | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 4 | Lore 1
Storyborn · Hero
Rush (This character can challenge the turn they’re played.)
SUPER PEANUT POWERS: Whenever this character challenges another character, gain 2 lore.
Never underestimate the power of a Goof.


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