Enchanted Reveal: Piglet, Ariel’s Grotto & Look at this Family

Another 3 enchanted down, just 2 last one to go!! Which is your favourite so far?

These 3 enchanted reveals come from Wargamer!

Piglet – Sturdy Swordsman
5 Cost | Steel | Character
Strength 3 | Willpower 5 | Lore 3
Dreamborn · Hero
Resist +1 (Damage dealt to this character is reduced by 1.)
NOT SO SMALL ANYMORE: While you have no cards in your hand, this character can challenge ready characters.


Look at this Family
7 Cost | Amber | Action · Song
Sing Together
 7 (Any number of your or your teammates’ characters with total cost 7 or more may exert to sing this song for free.)
Look at the top 5 cards of your deck. You may reveal up to 2 character cards and put them into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.


Ariel’s Grotto – A Secret Place
2 Cost | Sapphire | Location
Move Cost 2 | Willpower 7 | Lore 0
TREASURE TROVE: While you have 3 or more items in play, this location gets +2 lore.


For a full list of all currently known Ursula’s Return cards, check out the card list and table linked below!
Ursula Return’s card list
Disney Lorcana card table

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