Disney Lorcana TCG Hobby Store Program Resources

The Disney Lorcana site updated with a resource page and some of these are great information for the stores AND players!

A new resource page has been added to the Disney Lorcana site under the PLAY category.

The player’s guide that is included in The First Chapter – Illumineer’s Trove is now available for download, and as a bonus, even comes available in French, German and even Italian!

Note: The Illumineer’s Trove is currently only available in English, so only the English version of the guide has been available up till now.

Additional note: We also recently found out that the Italian version of Disney Lorcana will be due for release by set 3.

There is also an Event Rules and Documents category, though most of the items such as the much awaited “Tournament Rules” is currently tagged as coming soon. Currently there is only a direct link to the Melee tournament platform documentation for Disney Lorcana.

The Game Rules and Documents category provides 2 very useful links including set notes for The First Chapter and a Disney Lorcana TCG FAQ.

The set notes provide clarification on multiple rulings that is useful for anyone who may have any confusion on any card rulings or interactions which we highly recommend everyone to read. This information will be added to the Mushu Report wiki under rulings so you can check all the rulings we currently have there.

The FAQ for The First Chapter answers (to an extent) for the many questions fans may have, such as how to sign up as a content creator, how stores can sign up for the hobby store program, and that more information regarding tournaments / world championships and their judge plans will be announced at a later date.

Under policies, documents for LGS intending to sign up for the Disney Lorcana hobby store program should check out, including their terms and conditions and community code.

Finally, there is an area for marketing materials where everyone can access the Disney Lorcana digital assets such as their logo, Ink icons, and other useful assets.

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