Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn & Disney100 Edition

We now have the confirmed name of the next Disney Lorcana set and even what looks to be a separate Disney100 edition!

A few days ago, Robin des Jeux, a store in France put up some Disney Lorcana products on their store listing, which listed the name L’Ascension des Floodborn,  which can be translated as “Rise of the Floodborn”, but the name was unconfirmed at that time.

However the product listing was inline with the list of products that theGamer had managed to get confirmation for set 2, which added credibility to the set name.

That name has since been confirmed as shopDisney UK has updated their Disney Lorcana website stating:

“Be among the first to learn about Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn and Disney Lorcana: Disney100 Edition from Ravensburger.”

The shopDisney site info seems to confirm the name “Rise of the Floodborn” but at the same time mentions a “Disney100” edition of Disney Lorcana product series.

No further information is available at the moment though we expect more announcements to be made from Ravensburger regarding set 2 any day now. We all have the latest update on Mushu Report once any announcement is made so follow us on socials for the latest news!


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