Disney Lorcana Game Demo at GAMA Expo

We now have a date for Lorcana to do an official game demo and give more details about organized play!!

GAMA Expo had previously announced that Lorcana will have a booth at the GAMA Expo and their digital magazine has just been released, confirming the location of the booth and that there will be a game demo at the event!

The magazine states “Visit us at booth 325 to learn more about Disney Lorcana and our organised play program. Join us at Game Night on Monday and Tuesday for a short demo!”

According to the schedule stated on the website, Game Night will be held on April 24 and 25 between 9pm to 12am, so we expect more details to be released at that time for Lorcana.

Stay tuned to Mushu Report and we will provide updates as they are released!

Source: GAMA Expo event info and credits to danregal for finding this info


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