Disney Afternoon Showcase

You weren’t expecting GLOMGOLD! Oh, and another duck and an orangutan in a shirt, I think…

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Flintheart Glomgold – Lone Cheater
4 Cost | Sapphire | Character
3 Strength | 4 Willpower | 2 Lore
Storyborn · Villain
THEY’LL NEVER SEE IT COMING!: During your turn, this character gains Evasive. (They con challenge characters with Evasive.)
“Nobody tells Flintheart Glomgold what to do!”



King Louie – Bandleader
7 Cost | Sapphire | Character
7 Strength | 7 Willpower | 3 Lore
Storyborn · Ally · King
“Hold up, cuz. Why not sit back and enjoy some sweet beats?”



Lena Sabrewing – Rebellious Teenager
2 Cost | Amethyst | Character
1 Strength | 3 Willpower | 1 Lore
Storyborn · Hero · Sorcerer
Rush (This charocter can challenge the turn they’re played.)
Born from the shadows. Saved by friendship.



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