Mushu Report | Ol’ Faithful | Great Lakes Gaming 1k (Mar 2024)

Submitter NameMushu Report
Event Information Url
Deck NameOl' Faithful
Deck OwnerEric Merrill
Tournament NameGreat Lakes Gaming 1k (Mar 2024)
Tournament Date2024-03-24
PlacementTop 8 split
Number Of Participants`44
FormatCore Constructed

Ol' Faithful - Great Lakes Gaming 1k (Mar 2024) (Top 8 split)

By Eric Merrill

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Rafiki – Mystical Fighter1Character4
Olaf – Friendly Snowman1Character4
Pinocchio – Talkative Puppet2Character2
Madam Mim – Snake2Character4
Kuzco – Wanted Llama2Character2
Maleficent – Sorceress3Character2
Merlin – Crab3Character2
Madam Mim – Fox3Character4
Minnie Mouse – Stylish Surfer3Character2
Merlin – Goat4Character4
Merlin – Rabbit4Character4
Maui – Hero to All5Character4
Yzma – Scary Beyond All Reason6Character2
Madame Medusa – The Boss6Character3
Lady Tremaine – Imperious Queen6Character2
Elsa – Spirit of Winter8Character1
Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon9Character1
Teeth and Ambitions2Song3
Friends on the Other Side3Song4
Be Prepared7Song3
The Sorcerer’s Spellbook3Item1
Maui’s Fish Hook3Item2
Total: 60 Cards