Mushu Report | Amber / Amethyst | The Goat – Capre e Principesse

Submitter NameMushu Report
Event Information Url
Deck NameAmber / Amethyst
Deck OwnerMassimiliano Musso
Tournament NameThe Goat - Capre e Principesse
PlacementTop 16
Number Of Participants163
Tournament Date2023-12-23
FormatCore Constructed

Amber / Amethyst - The Goat - Capre e Principesse (Top 16)

By Massimiliano Musso

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Cinderella – Ballroom Sensation1Character3
Lilo – Making a Wish1Character4
Maleficent – Biding Her Time1Character4
Pascal – Rapunzel’s Companion1Character4
Lefou – Bumbler2Character4
Simba – Protective Cub2Character4
Madam Mim – Snake2Character4
Pinocchio – Star Attraction2Character4
Doc – Leader of the Seven Dwarfs3Character2
Arthur – Wizard’s Apprentice3Character4
Madam Mim – Fox3Character3
Merlin – Goat4Character4
Merlin – Rabbit4Character2
I’m Stuck!1Action3
Be Our Guest2Action3
Friends on the Other Side3Song4
Total: 60 Cards