Mushu Report | Amber / Amethyst | PPG Lorcana NDK

Event Information Url
Submitter NameMushu Report
Deck NameAmber / Amethyst
Deck OwnerSam Cahill
Tournament NamePPG Lorcana NDK
Tournament Date2023-09-02
PlacementTop 8
Number Of Participants43
FormatCore Constructed

Amber / Amethyst - PPG Lorcana NDK (Top 8)

By Sam Cahill

Image Card Name Card Cost Card Type Qty
Stitch – New Dog1Character4
Pascal – Rapunzel’s Companion1Character4
Simba – Protective Cub2Character4
Dr. Facilier – Charlatan2Character4
Mickey Mouse – True Friend3Character4
Mr. Smee – Loyal First Mate3Character4
Rafiki – Mysterious Sage3Character4
Elsa – Snow Queen3Character4
Maleficent – Sorceress3Character4
Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing4Character4
Jafar – Keeper of Secrets4Character4
Stitch – Carefree Surfer7Character3
Elsa – Spirit of Winter8Character2
Part of Your World3Action3
You Have Forgotten Me4Action4
Friends on the Other Side3Song4
Total: 60 Cards