[Convention] Updates from Lucca Comics and Games 2023

Pictures from the Lucca Comics and Games convention are here, with some updates on how signing of cards is handled at conventions!

Here are the pictures of the Lucca Comics and Games convention, thanks to gutshot from Discord!

Major crowd at the event, with everyone queuing up to buy Disney Lorcana products!

Boosters, starter decks and troves were available at the event

Frontal shot of the Lorcana booth area, where the queue ends

On the opposite side, another queue is forming up for players to participate in game demos, where participants would receive a convention promo version of Gaston – Arrogant Hunter!

According to gutshot, the wait to take part in a game demo takes almost 2 hours, so Ravensburger staff on-site handed out tickets with numbers, so that you could return at a later time for your demo when it was closer to your number.

On the opposite side of the booth, signings were underway with Alice Pisoni & Valerio Buonfantino at the booth!

Aside from signing cards, they also handed out autograph boards of the cards they had designed, such as You have Forgotten Me, Ariel – Spectacular Singer and Belle – Strange but Special!

On an additional note, it turns out that at events such as this where card signings are available for free, the illustrators only did signings where there was a name included, presumably as a measure to prevent scalpers from just getting cards signed to be sold at a higher price online.

On a related note, Nicholas Kole shared earlier today that Lorcana illustrators have gotten word that they are now permitted to charge for signatures, as these signings and mailing back of signed cards do take up a lot of time and many of these signed cards do end up being sold online at higher prices.

Signing takes up a lot of time and this move helps the illustrators all get paid fairly for something that takes up time, especially when it is something treated of value, and we support this notion.

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