[Card Reveal] Weight Set

I’m finally getting my chance to shine with a Mushu Report powered card reveal! Time to train up!

For the very first time, this card is brought to you by us, with big thanks to Team Lorcana for the opportunity! Let’s start right away with the card itself!

Weight Set
3 Cost | Steel | Item
Whenever you play a character with 4 strength or more, you may pay 1 ink to draw a card.
Personally endorsed by Hercules himself!


Weight Set is the latest Item card for Steel Ink to be revealed for Rise of the Floodborn, with the ability to give you consistent card draw abilities, as long as you have been training up!

Many of the best Steel characters fit the bill, since “Steel glimmers rely on brute force to forge ahead.”, including Beast – Hardheaded and Cerberus – Three-Headed Dog from The First Chapter. Playing Beast to banish your opponent’s item while drawing a card off Weight Set against the right deck would put you in a great position.

This is of course not forgetting every Steel Illumineer’s favourite card from The First Chapter, Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy! Tinker Bell’s Rock the Boat and Puny Pirate! ability are often key to banishing multiple characters and drawing a card from Weight Set when you play her would push your advantage further.

Another fantastic Steel glimmer that is releasing soon is Cinderella – Stouthearted who has the brand-new Resist ability, which makes her near impossible to banish in a challenge.

Cinderella also has Shift 5, making her cheaper to play as long as you she is played above another Cinderella character.

The ink saved from shifting Cinderella – Stouthearted is perfect for paying Weight Set‘s ability cost!

We have explored various great Steel glimmers that fits Weight Set‘s condition, but every Lorcana deck is allowed 2 different ink options when building your deck, so what other ink works well with Weight Set?

Ruby ink may be your best choice as it includes Gaston – Arrogant Hunter. With 4 strength at the low cost of 2 ink, Gaston is the lowest cost character that fits Weight Set‘s conditions, proving that it’s really not arrogance when he really IS the best.

Furthermore, Ruby has many great mid to late game options with high strength, such as Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw and Maui – Hero to All, both of which are key cards for every Ruby deck to maintain control over your opponent’s board and lore total.

Exploring Rise of the Floodborn, 1 of the best new additions to Ruby Ink is my homegirl, Mulan – Soldier in Training!

This Mulan has 4 strength at 4 ink, making her 1 of the cheapest cost character featured here who also fits Weight Set‘s requirements.

In addition, Mulan – Soldier in Training has Rush, allowing her to quickly remove any problematic character like Mad Hatter – Gracious Host and Kuzco – Temperamental Emperor.

Having Weight Set in play would allow you to replenish your after playing Mulan, making it a great card to have around!

These are my suggestions for great characters to pair Weight Set with but there are many more characters to be revealed in Rise of the Floodborn! Some of these glimmers would definitely work with Weight Set, so make sure you follow @MushuReport on all socials to stay tuned for all the latest Lorcana news!

I hope everyone has enjoyed this reveal and once again thank you Team Lorcana for providing this collaboration opportunity!

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