[Card News] Yzma – Scary Beyond All Reason & Last Cannon

Yzma stonks!!! We finally get an ability that returns a character in play to the deck!

Team Lorcana just shared these cards on the Lorcana HQ Discord!

Yzma – Scary Beyond All Reason
6 Cost | Amethyst | Character
Strength 4 | Willpower 4 | Lore 2
Floodborn · Villain · Sorcerer
Shift 4 (You may pay 4 ink to play this on top of one of your characters named Yzma.)
CRUEL IRONY: When you play this character, shuffle another chosen character card into their player’s deck. That player draws 2 cards.


Last Cannon
1 Cost | Steel | Item
ARM YOURSELF: 1 ink, Banish this item – Chosen character gains Challenger +3 this turn. (They get +3 strength while challenging.)
One shot can change everything.


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