[Card News] Sudden Chill & Lefou Instigator

We have 2 new cards from The Inkwell, including another way to ready that Mulan and Aladdin!

The Inkwell has just dropped 2 new cards for us in the video above!

Sudden Chill
2 Cost | Emerald | Action · Song
(A character with cost 2 or more can Exert to sing this song for free.)
Each opponent chooses and discards a card.
Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil
If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will


Lefou – Instigator
2 Cost | Ruby | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 2 | Lore 1
Dreamborn · Ally
FAN THE FLAMES: When you play this character, ready chosen character. They can’t quest for the rest of this turn.
All a mob needs is a push in the wrong direction.


For a full list of all The First Chapter cards, check out the card table linked below!
The First Chapter card table

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