[Card News] Robin Hood, Minnie Mouse, Bucky & Cinderella (OP Kit)

The Rise of the Floodborn Organized Play kit has just been announced which includes a floodborn for Minnie Mouse and brand new cards for Robin Hood, Cinderella and Bucky!

The next OP kit has just been announced by Disney Lorcana with more goodies then before!

Based on the kit’s welcome letter, League looks to be similar to The First Chapter’s Organized Play Kit in terms of lasting 3 months and how points are awarded with 1 single addition.

This time’s OP Kit also includes 4 cards instead of 3. Every player who signs up for the League gets a Cinderella – Knight in Training Card!

Cinderella – Knight in Training
2 Cost | Steel | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 2 | Lore 2
Dreamborn · Hero · Princess · Knight
HAVE COURAGE: When you play this character, you may draw a card, then choose and discard a card.
She’s always had the heart of a champion – now she’ll have the skills too.


In addition, here are the 3 cards that are given out as prizes in the league!

  • The cards are currently partially blocked so we do not have the full text at the moment.

Bucky – Squirrel Squeak Tutor
2 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength ? | Willpower ? | Lore ?
Storyborn · Ally
Ward (Opponent’s can’t choose this character except to challenge.)
SQUEAK: Whenever you play a Floodborn … each opponent chooses and discards a ….
“There’s a lot of nuance to squirrel”
– Kronk


Minnie Mouse – Wide-Eyed Diver
4 Cost | Ruby | Character
Strength ? | Willpower ? | Lore ?
Floodborn · Hero
Shift 2 (You may pay 2 cost to play this on top of one of your characters named Minnie Mouse.)
Evasive (Only characters with Evasive can challenge this character.)
UNDERSEA ADVENTURE: Whenever you play a … action in a turn, this character gains +2 Lore this ….


Robin Hood – Capable Fighter
2 Cost | Steel | Character
Strength ? | Willpower ? | Lore ?
Dreamborn · Hero
SKIRMISH: Exert – Deal 1 damage to … character.
“Capable? You don’t know the half of it.”
– Little John


The kit also includes 3 pins including the following:

Another new addition to the kit includes a foldable table number with Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor featured on it.



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