[Card News] Rafiki, Archimedes & Beast – Wolfsbane revealed

This is a great week for card news, we got 3 more new cards, with Rafiki, Archimedes and a new Beast joining the lineup!

We just got 3 new cards, courtesy of Ludovox.fr!

Update: And the Lorcana Team has just shared the updated English and German versions of the card in the LorcanaHQ Discord!

Rafiki – Mysterious Sage
3 Cost | Amethyst | Character
Strength 3 | Willpower 3 | Lore 1
Dreamborn · Mentor · Sorceror
Rush (This character can challenge the turn they’re played.)
“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”


Beast – Wolfsbane
5 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength 4 | Willpower 4 | Lore 2
Dreamborn · Hero · Prince
Rush (This character can challenge the turn they’re played.)
ROAR: When you play this character, exert all opposing damaged characters.
“I’ll take on all of you if I have to!”


Archimedes – Highly Educated Owl
1 Cost | Amethyst | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 2 | Lore 1
Dreamborn · Ally
“Flying is not merely some crude, mechanical process. It is a delicate art. Purely aesthetic. Poetry of motion. And the best way to learn it is to do it!”


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