[Card News] Madam Mim – Snake

Madam Mim has a new form coming to Lorcana and she also confirms we are going to get many more of Madam Mim in Rise of the Floodborn!

Team Lorcana just dropped this card in the Lorcana HQ Discord!

Madam Mim – Snake
2 Cost | Amethyst | Character
Strength 3 | Willpower 3 | Lore 1
Storyborn · Villain · Sorcerer
When you play this character, banish her or return another chosen character of yours to your hand.
”I’ve got you rattled now!”

Madam Mim – Snake is 49/204 while the previously revealed Madam Mim – Fox is 46/204, which means we are due to get 2 more versions of Madam Mim for card number 47 and 48!


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