[Card News] Judy Hopps & Chief Bogo

Zootopia is officially here, and we got Judy Hopps and Chief Bogo on the case of a locked lorebook and an ink flood!

These new Zootopia cards just came from Disney Lorcana socials!

Judy Hopps – Optimistic Officerr
3 Cost | Sapphire | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 3 | Lore 2
Storyborn · Hero
: When you play this character, you may banish chosen item. Its player draws a card.
“I’ll get to the bottom of what happened with that locked lorebook. You can count on me!”


Chief Bogo – Respected Officer
4 Cost | Steel | Character
Strength 2 | Willpower 4 | Lore 2
: Whenever you play a Floodborn character, deal 1 damage to each opposing character.
“We can confirm the ink flood was caused by an explosion. We have it under control-now clear the area.”


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