[Card News] Aurora – Dreaming Guardian

Princess Aurora has just been revealed and she brings along a brand new game mechanic to Lorcana, Ward!!

Post updated with a cleaner image of Aurora, along with her flavour text!!

Aurora – Dreaming Guardian
5 Cost | Sapphire | Character
Power 3 | Toughness 5 | Lore 2
Floodborn · Hero · Princess
Shift 3 (You may pay 3 Cost to play this on top of one of your characters named Aurora.)
PROTECTIVE EMBRACE: Your other characters gain Ward. (Opponent’s can’t choose them except to challenge.)
As the princess slumbered, her power awoke.

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Aurora is also confirmed to be the 139 card of The First Chapter set!

For a full list of all The First Chapter cards, check out the card table linked below!
The First Chapter card table

Source: Twitter and ComicBook

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