[Card News] All Enchanted Rarity Cards in The First Chapter

There’s lots of great Enchanted cards coming up including Mickey Mouse, Hades and more so let’s put them all in 1 post!


Hades – King of Olympus found by Huyen Do with the 205/204 slot.

Stitch – Carefree Surfer found by bjoern with the 206/204 slot


Elsa – Spirit of Winter found by Brian Burckley with the 207/204 slot

Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer found by Patrick, with the 208/204 slot.


Genie – On the Job found by Timmy Fauchut with the 209/204 slot

Mickey Mouse – Artful Rogue found by Avon Irene with the 210/204 slot


Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw found by Cody Lightfuss with the 211/204 slot

Maui – Hero to All found by Edward Vanmanz with the 212/204 slot


Aurora – Dreaming Guardian found by Zader of LorcanaHQ Discord with the 213/204 slot.

Belle – Strange but Special found by Cody Lightfuss’s friend with the 214/204 slot.


Simba – Returned King found by william mccann with the 215/204 slot

Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy found by Matrix TCG with the 216/204 slot.

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